Friday, November 21, 2008

Redoing Furniture

Look at this amazing furniture rescue done by maya*made (found via Design*Sponge). I have always wanted to redo some furniture and maya gives us step by step instructions. Go check it out!


Rachel said...

Really cute. Where did you get that fabric? I have a small sofa to redo and can't find that "perfect" fabric.

Deb said...

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the furniture I want to redo... this was done by maya*made... check out the links and hopefully she gives you some resources of where she bought her materials. Good luck!

Kristine said...

OH, I love this! I just recovered our dining room chairs that we recently bought at a consignment shop. Not nearly as difficult as this, but the final product made me smile. Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!